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Some ideas from Bord Bia for a healthy lunch box,
or nutritious snack options for your children.

Super Sandwich

Choose from: rolls, bread, baps, pitta breads, croissants, crispbread,crackers...

Fill with: thinly sliced beef, lamb or pork cooked ham, chicken, turkey, tuna, grilled rashers, sliced sausages, pate, Spanish omelette, hard-boiled eggs, roasted peppers, grated cheese, cream cheese, tomatoes, lettuce...

Mix with: mayonnaise, chutney, curry paste...

Have fun trying out different combinations!


Fruit fun

Fresh Fruit: apples, bananas, pears, mandarins, plums or grapes.

Dried Fruit: apricots, raisins etc


Try milk, unsweetened fruit juice, smoothie, yoghurt drink or flavoured milk drink.

Healthy Snacks

How about yoghurts, cheese cubes, sticks of celery or carrots, popcorn, rice cakes, cartons of rice pudding or custard.

Foods to limit

Highly processed, sugary, fatty and salty foods should only make up a very small part of your child's diet. Foods to limit in everyday school lunches include:

  • Processed foods such as salami, pressed chicken
  • Chips, sweet biscuits, and muesli bars and breakfast bars
  • Fruit bars and fruit straps
  • Cordials, sweetened juices and soft drinks

Important Notice
Some children have severe nut allergies,
so we ask parents to ensure that no nuts
be brought into the school