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Presentation Girls' School Maynooth is a long established Catholic school near the centre of the town.

A school for the community

Presentation Girls' School Maynooth provides classes for junior infants to sixth class girls as well as a co-educational pre-school class for children with autism and a privately run play school.

Our pupils are provided with brilliant, vibrant facilities as well as experienced and well resourced teachers.

Modern class rooms & facilties

The electrical and plumbing systems have been upgraded in all classrooms which brings all areas up to standard with the new building.

We provide a rich e-learning environment with interactive whiteboards and projectors throughout the school. These allow for the IT development of staff and pupils as they are provided with hands on facilities to teach and learn in an e-learning environment.

Arts, crafts & music

We stimulate the creative side of thinking with a strong emphasis on art, craft and music making for a colourful and musical day at school!

Technology in the classroom

The pupils enjoy hands on experience of computer use due to the commitment of the board of management, the Parents’ Association, staff and pupils to developing and maintaining our computer network.

We are indebted to the fantastic work of Tyrone Williams who has supported our endeavours and given endless time to the development of the IT project within our school.


An active and healthy school

Our new P.E. hall is furnished with P.E. equipment to facilitate games, gymnastics, dance, obstacle courses and provides a hall for school gatherings and class plays. This hall is greatly used both within and outside school times.


The addition of a multi-purpose hall to the Senior area of the school has been a wonderful facility for class activities, playtime for Junior pupils and a rehearsal venue for drama and school choirs.


Great outdoor facilities

Nature trails, science hunts, seasonal changes, Maths activities, outdoor PE activities, planting flower beds and patio areas are all possible using our outdoor areas which span the building.

Volunteer parents and teachers set up the School Garden which is nestled between Carton Wall and The Tennis Court. The excitement of watching our flowers and vegetables grow brings the Living Things strand of the Curriculum alive for our pupils. Another successful crop!